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Home Stretch

I've waited years to say this...we're in the home stretch!

THOUGH I FALL has now completed its developmental editing process and has now moved into its final copy editing phase!

What does this mean, you ask?

The developmental edit is a process where I work closely with an editor to patch up any loose ends in the story and also refine all of the detailed elements. The editor and I go through the story multiple times to ensure it's cohesive from a readability standpoint and that it also aligns with the previous book. I had the great honor of working with Tom Witcomb during this process. Although he's based in France and I'm in Texas, we still made it work!

The copy editing/proofreading is the final phase of production. Call it the spit shine finish if you will. This is where another editor goes through and fixes any lingering grammatical errors. They also look at sentence structure to make sure there's a positive flow to how things are worded.

For those who've been following me on this journey since the launch of LEGACY DRIVE back in May 2019, you may recall how the initial book launch went.

In short, it was horrible.

I received messages from people who spotted numerous errors in the book that were missed because these processes were rushed. This left me scrambling to go through the entire book again, fixing issues along the way before ultimately uploading a new manuscript to Amazon for distribution. This, however, did nothing for the people who'd already purchased the book.

I don't want this experience again which is why I'm being as thorough as I am right now. The result, however, is that it's taking a bit longer than I'd anticipated.

As a result, I'm having to push the release date back one month to April 26, 2024. This will give me plenty of time to get the book back from the final editor, review it one last time and then begin the upload process for distribution. I also have to get a few physical copies printed to check for any errors in the cover design and its placement.

This has been a VERY long process but also an incredible learning experience. Writing and releasing a novel is one of those life-moments you should look forward to, not dread. Although it's been a considerable investment, I'm greatly looking forward to sharing this story with you and continuing the Legacy Drive saga.

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Interested in the LEGACY DRIVE series? Click here to see it on Amazon!

-Paul Slavonik

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