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A former United States Army Combat Photographer/Videographer and a graduate of Full Sail University's B.S. Audio Production program, Paul Slavonik has been working in the field of audio and video production for many years and has been actively involved with many facets of the industry. From live sound at clubs and festivals to mastering tracks in a professional recording studio to shooting videos in various locations across the United States, Paul has participated in a wide variety of disciplines over the years. Additionally, Paul has previously worked as a motorsports journalist for, iRacing, as well as various other online publications. Paul is a self-published author with his works available on Amazon. 

Paul formed DMG United in the Fall of 2016. Originally serving as a publishing company for Paul's writing endeavors, it has since grown into a full-service media production company with audio, video, editorial and photography capabilities. 


A working professional who is currently in the industry, Paul aims to further DMG United by networking with new clients and completing projects while utilizing only the highest level of standard. Knowing the importance of not only thinking outside the box but of hard work, Paul serves as an example of what devotion and dedication to a client and a cause looks like. Willing to go the extra mile, Paul has set his goals high for the future and he doesn't plan to stop any time soon.

See Paul's LinkedIn profile here and YouTube channel here.