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Creating the Sounds of

The Vision

As I began working on the Uranus Attacks! portfolio project, my goal going into it was to have everything ready to go as if were a title which was going to be shipped by the end of the Project & Portfolio II class at Full Sail University. I wanted my assets to have variety and character but most importantly, I wanted them to be unique.


When the player would turn on Uranus Attacks!, I wanted them to 1) be able to have fun without being distracted by a bad audio asset, and 2) to have no idea that the sounds they are hearing were actually taken from everyday sounds we hear either on television/movies or right outside of our homes on a regular basis. From squirrels to sea lions and from house cats to camels, my creative vision for the assets I used in Uranus Attacks! was to make them completely unrecognizable while, most importantly, staying true to their final assigned audio source. 

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