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The Uranus Attacks! project was a great learning tool for me. It showed me what's it's like to work on an actual game from start to finish, how to think outside of the box, and it also gave me a better understanding of what it's like working with a client to achieve a finished product. 


When I first began my time as a student at Full Sail University, some of the best advice I received came from a guidance counselor who told me, "Pretend that your instructor is the client in every class. Treat him or her the same way you would as if they were your boss for a project you're working on."


Having to answer to a client put the pressure on but it also showed me how projects evolve over time. Through feedback and other suggestions, many of my assets changed to fit the needs of the client.  

In regards to thinking outside the box, I never thought I'd be making spaceship sounds from a cat purring or a laser from a squirrel. This project really helped me to push the boundaries and allowed me to do things I normally wouldn't have even thought of. If someone had told me to create a laser sound (or vaporizer), my first instinct would be to channel my inner Ben Burtt and grab a metal slinky. Having to use strictly animal sounds was indeed a challenge and, in the end, a reward. I feel that I overcame these obstacles by staying focused, listening to the feedback from the client, and by experimenting with different plug-ins and techniques inside Pro Tools. 


What's more is that I was able to finally get a little more in-depth with Wwise. I've always wanted to get more involved with it and this project allowed me to do it. At the same time, I learned a good deal about some of the functions in Pro Tools. 

Working with the needs of the client while on a deadline while also being challenged by the given guidelines was probably the best training I've ever received. My goal it to eventually become a full-time Sound Designer and I feel that this project was a great step in the right direction for me. 


Going forward, I plan to use the knowledge I learned in this project on future assignments as well as on personal projects I pursue on my own time.


All in all, I can stand proud on the work I've done on this project after putting forth the time and effort combined with the feedback I received along the way. To me, life is about trying, failing, learning, and then trying again. This project was a great example of that and one which I'll not soon forget. 

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