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Paul Slavonik

Sound Designer Demo Reel

The Blacksmith

For the Project & Portfolio VI class at Full Sail University's Online Audio Production program, I was tasked with a sound design project called The Blacksmith. For this project, we were essentially given a blank slate which was in the form of a cinematic trailer demo as well as gameplay footage which contained no audio. I was tasked with creating everything you hear in the above project. Additionally, we would be creating audio assets for a title card. During this project, I created audio assets and edited them in Pro Tools. The gameplay demo was taken a step further as the audio assets had to implemented into the game using Wwise software. 

The resulting efforts are what you see and hear in the video above. This class was one which I found to be very fun and rewarding. Not only is it a joy to see a project through to completion, but being able to have the creative freedom to develop an audio asset from the ground up is a very satisfying feeling. Since my goal is to ultimately become a professional sound designer, I took away many valuable lessons from this course and from this project. Although there were challenges and difficult times as Hurricane Irma swept through Florida during this class, the reward of seeing a completed project along with being able to stand by the quality of your work is one which is not easily forgotten. 

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