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What Works For Me

Finding the right equipment for the job is oftentimes a difficult ask. With so many different brands and types of equipment, it can be tough to know where to start. Here's a list of the equipment I've grown to love for its ease of use, reliability and quality. 

Canon SL2

The go-to camera for budding DSLR videographers. Easy to use, rugid, great quality, lightweight and a great price. 

Sigma 17-50mm lens

Perfectly complements the SL2 and provides great quality even in lower light conditions. My go-to lens of choice for running and gunning camera work. 

DJI Ronin S motorized gimbal

A life-saver and a magic wand at the same time. I use this for everything. From plane rides to weddings, this rugged tool is both a game changer and an absolute essential for me. 

Sigma 60-600mm

AKA The Bazooka, this powerful lens is my go-to for motorsport videography. Clear picture and made of metal, the lens is both expensive and heavy BUT well worth every penny. 

GoPro Hero 7

The essential action sports camera but also great for getting into tight places. With numerous mounts for every situation, there should be a GoPro in every videographers bag. 

Rode VideoMicPro

Great portable audio which connects to the hot shoe on top of DSLR cameras. Plug it into the mic input on the SL2 and put in a 9v battery. Great in windy conditions as well. 

Manfrotto Tripod base

A solid foundation is needed for your equipment. I use this base with the 502 head and 60-600 lens for motorsport videography.

Manfrotto Tripod Head

If you own the Ronin S, this head is a must. The base plate of the Ronin fits directly onto this head thus saving time when transferring the camera between the two. Adjustable tension helps create smooth shots without sacrificing adaptability. 

Seagate 8TB Portable HD

Stay mobile with a solid SSD HD. Plenty of space which will last you for quite some time. Pick up the carrying case as well! 

DJI Mavic Air

The ideal drone for traveling. Small (fits in the palm of your hand), lightweight and a 4k camera can't go wrong. I've flown this thing off the coast of the Pacific in 30+ MPH winds and it stayed put. Very easy to use, excellent quality and very fun to fly. 

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