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In the game Uranus Attacks!, you play as a spaceship pilot who is tasked with invading foreign worlds and incinerating its inhabitants. The two worlds you visit, Dkuk and Kraktoh, are inhabited by the Fnoons and Barnabys - two alien species who are none too pleased to have their day interrupted by an alien space craft. There's no time limit to the game but after vaporizing six creatures from Kraktoh, you teleport out only to arrive at the next world of Dkuk where the game continues. After vaporizing six Fnoons, the game ends. 

All of the audio assets used in Uranus Attacks! were edited in Pro Tools 12 and were implemented into the game using Wwise software. Through Wwise, I was able to add Real Time Parameter Control (RTPC) events to certain assets such as the engine and planet ambiences. This allowed for the assets to adapt to how they were used in the game and prevented them from simply being looping audio files. Additionally, I was also able to give the creature assets some pitch and volume variations in Wwise so that they didn't all sound the same in the game.


Through the use of tools like the Soundcaster in Wwise, I was able to test out how the assets worked in relation to each other, make minor changes inside Wwise, and then run them through the game. 

For a more in-depth look at the process of creating the audio assets for Uranus Attacks!, please click here

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